The MAX, Chick-fil-A, Subway, Einstein Brother Bagels, The Lunchbox at Books & Brew and the Mobile Street Cart.

On housing "move-in" day and they end the last day of exams for the semester.

CatCash is accepted at all on-campus retail locations. Visit the Bobcat Cart Office for a list of off-campus retail locations were CatCash is accepted.

Students with an Unlimited 7, Unlimited 5, Weekly 10, and Weekly 14 meal plan receive five complimentary guest swipes.

Meal Swipe Equivalency is the purchase of meal at a retail location using a meal swipe from a meal plan. Once a student has used a meal swipe equivalency during a meal period he or she can not swipe into the dining hall.

The 25 Block Plan is the only plan that will roll from the fall to the spring semester.

 CatCash forward each successive semester. Upon request CatCash balances will be refunded in full upon graduation or official withdrawal from GC.

Students can log into their PAWS account to purchase or change their meal plan if eligible.

Weekly meal plans restart every Sunday at midnight.