Our Initiatives

Your Georgia College Dining team is dedicated to sustainability. We know we can all work together to make a positive impact right here at Georgia College. In addition to the many initiatives we take on as a company, we have implemented several programs specific to Georgia College. Our latest program is the "WasteWatch REUSE" program. This program allows students to dine on the go while minimizing waste. WasteWatch REUSE is a reusable container program designed to reduce waste by replacing single-use disposable containers with reusable containers.

Local Suppliers

We work closely with our local produce distributors to maximize the fruits and vegetables purchased from local farms in Georgia. A few of the farms that we purchase from are R & G Farms, BJ's Produce and Field Fresh.


Food waste in landfills creates methane, a greenhouse gas which is 21x more potent than CO2. Our first priority is to reduce food waste. We compost food waste that is unavoidable which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and can also be used to amend soil thereby increasing drought tolerance, improving soil structure and health and reducing need for water and fertilizers. For more information on composting visit The Sustainability Office at Georgia College.

Sustainable Fish and Seafood

We are committed to serving sustainable seafood and fish. Since 2015 100% of our fish and seafood is sustainably certified by the Marine Stewardship Council or the Best Aquaculture Practices. We do not purchase any at-risk species.

Local Dairy

All of our fluid milk is purchased from local dairies that do not use rBST.